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The Classic Center (Athena B-C)


We know that excellent STEM education is vital for Georgia students, but what does it take to make that a reality? Bringing excellent STEM education to all students requires STEM leaders who not only understand good teaching but also have the ability to advocate for students at local and state levels. This special workshop will provide an excellent lead-in to the Georgia STEM Forum by giving STEM leaders the tools they need to promote STEM education across the state. We invite teacher leaders, school and district leaders, professional association and nonprofit leaders, and anyone else who is interested in speaking up for STEM education in Georgia. The 2015 STEM Leadership Institute is hosted by the following organizations.

  • Georgia Association for Career & Technical Education
  • Georgia Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
  • Georgia Council of Teachers of Mathematics
  • Georgia Science Supervisors Association
  • Georgia Science Teachers Association
  • Georgia STEAM Alliance Network

Space for this event will be provided generously by STEM Georgia and the Georgia STEM Forum. The Leadership Institute requires separate registration from the STEM Forum. Light refreshments will be provided by ETA hand2mind.


  • Board Member Registration – Free
    Board members of the host organizations may register for free. Board status will be confirmed with your organization.
  • General Registration – $15.00 (USD)
    If you are not a board member of one of the hosting organizations, then please use this registration category.

Visit the GSTA event page to view the full agenda, including registration and available spaces left.