CTAE legislation

House Bill 186, sponsored by Rep. Randy Nix, was passed in 2011 by the Georgia General Assembly and mandates career pathways for ALL public high school students beginning in the 2013-2014 school year. Back in 2010, the legislature passed House Bill 400, the “Building Resourceful Individuals for Georgia’s Economy” (BRIDGE) legislation, sponsored by Sen. Fran Millar, who is the current chairman of the Senate Education Committee. The BRIDGE Bill also requires career pathways and establishes that ALL students, beginning in 8th grade, develop a graduation plan focused on career interest and CTAE courses offered in the high schools.

Additionally, Georgia’s new College and Career Readiness Performance Index, which is our waiver to the “No Child Left Behind” Act (AYP), will take into consideration CTAE pathway completers in all school systems. This Index was recently approved by the U.S. Department of Education and State Superintendent Barge has worked diligently to require the addition of CTAE as a performance measurement. Finally, Governor Deal in January 2012 announced his new “Go Build” program which is a public awareness campaign designed to educate high school students on the value of learning a trade, dispel their misconceptions about the skilled trade industry and inspire them to consider their future careers.

With the passage of these initiatives, GREATER focus and GREATER emphasis is being placed on CTAE then ever before. Local school systems must resist the temptation to cut CTAE programs as a quick solution to budget difficulties. By reducing the number of CTAE programs, local systems will soon find themselves unable to comply with these laws and regulations which will ultimately inhibit Georgia’s students from seeking options that prepare them for college and careers.

CTAE At-A-Glance

Secondary Education—Grades 6-12 CTAE Programs

  • 180 Local School Systems

Total Georgia Student Enrollment

  • 519,700 Students in Grades 9-12
  • 413,688 Students in Grades 6-8

Student Enrollment in CTAE Classes (Students enrolled in one or more CTAE courses)

  • 62.23% of all Students in Grades 9-12 Statewide (323,412 students)
  • 55.95% of all Students in Grades 6-8 Statewide (231,438 students)

CTAE Enrollment by Gender in Middle and High Schools

  • Male 51%
  • Female 49%

CTAE Enrollment by Race

  • Black 41.21%
  • Hispanic 9.40%
  • White 44.77%
  • Other 5.62%

CTAE High School Concentrators (3 or more classes in a Career Pathway)

  • 78,831 Students

Graduation Rate for CTAE Concentrators

  • 91.81%

Diploma Type Earned by CTAE High School Completers (35,620)

  • College Prep 19.65%
  • Technical/Career 36.75%
  • Dual Seal 43.60%

Student Enrollment is the unduplicated count: Each student is counted once, although he/she could be enrolled in more than one CTAE program area.

Source: Georgia Department of Education – CTAE Annual Report 2009-2010