CTAE is for ALL Georgia Students!

shivani dhur 2

By Shivani Dhir

In high school, students have access to multiple outlets for success and finally have the opportunity to decide which one is right for them. With so many opportunities to select, Career, Technical and Agricultural Education outshines the rest due to its ability to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for career readiness and success no matter what trade or professional career students choose after high school graduation. CTAE courses are not just the cooking and typing classes anymore, but rather have become the largest providers of skills used in ALL of the top 10 jobs of 2020. There is a demand for skilled, smart, and determined students and CTAE creates the path for those students to step forward and receive the career worth working for.

Prior to my high school journey I was unsure of what my direction was, and it was such an amazing feeling to find Family and Consumer Sciences where I “fit in” and carried me to joining Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) and pursuing an office position in high school. As a freshman in high school, you often have to wonder what clique you fall into and what lunch table you have to worry about sitting at. Fortunately, I fell right into the CTAE clique that encompassed passionate, driven students and was able to break boundaries by connecting with students on the local, state, and national levels.

With my amazing CTAE pathway Nutrition and Food Science, and my amazing experiences with FCCLA I have been able to travel across the country, create life-long friendships, develop professionalism, and much more. FCCLA has granted me the opportunity to advocate for CTAE and its importance as local as my Board of Education and as nation wide as in front of the United States Department of Education. Without CTAE classes, I’m pretty sure I would have just stared at the clock for 8 hours at school. However, I was so blessed to have the opportunity to thrive in a classroom that has helped me find a profession that I thoroughly enjoy.

As a Georgia FCCLA State Officer and now a National FCCLA Officer, I have seen firsthand that the skills for life that CTAE classes instill in its students are lifelong and life changing. These skills for life include planning, goal setting, decision-making, and interpersonal communications that you unknowingly use in everyday life. CTAE classes also connect Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to real life scenarios and allow for students to advance their core academics in a more successful setting. Once you find a CTAE pathway that fits your individual personality, the word “job” turns into the word “career”. With CTAE classes available to students, success becomes much more immediate and much more achievable.

About the author…Shivani Dhir is the current National FCCLA Vice President of Community Service, a recent Houston County Schools graduate, and this fall she will attend the University of Georgia.