My experience as an ACTE National Fellow has proven to be a great opportunity for growth and knowledge in the area of Leadership. It has aided my growth in leadership and understanding the processes used by policymakers with the development and implementation of laws. The National Fellow program allows you to see and understand funding from a different perspective along with how new laws are created within CTE. This was important to me as a culinary arts teacher, I wanted the chance to share with my senators and congressmen the importance of CTE and how it was changing student lives in and out of the classroom and why funding for our programs was important.

In summary, the ACTE Fellowship Program is an instrument to provide professional development, policy knowledge and leadership development. If you are interested in leadership growth, meeting wonderful people, working with your local and state congressmen then the National Leadership Fellows program is for you. Please visit and submit your application before November 1, 2015.

Keio Carter is a Culinary Arts Instructor at Miller Grove High School and Region 2 National Leadership Fellow