GACTE By-Laws Approved Changes – 2016

Submitted by the GACTE Bylaws Committee

David McDermott, Chair
Recommendation #1


Article V – Section 3B – Qualifications of Officers


The president-elect shall:
1. Be a professional ACTE/GACTE member in good standing for at least four (4) consecutive years and have served within the past five years as a GACTE voting Board Member, GACTE Division Vice President, or a GACTE Division President

  1. Be a recognized leader in the division.
  2. Promote all phases of career, technical, and agricultural education and be willing to lend support to all divisions of GACTE.
  3. Support and promote the Strategic Plan of the Association.
  4. Be able to give a sufficient amount of time to carry out the duties of the office.

Rationale: This change allows us to be in line with the ACTE Bylaws which specify similar requirements for their President-Elect.  By adding the GACTE Division Presidents we also open up the prospective pool of nominees to allow additional people to run for the office of President-Elect.  It is the view of ACTE and the GACTE Board that candidates for the office of President-Elect are better suited when they have had prior experience serving in a leadership position within the organization.